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Tel: (787) 722-5057 - Istanbul Turkish Restaurant - 325 Recinto Sur, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Awesome Turkish food”

Oh my god...what an awesome food this place serves. If you are in old San juan and is tired of eating the fried local food/Mexican food, you have to try this. We were running little late for dinner and most of the restaurants close their kitchen by 11:00pm, we requested the waiter to accommodate us which he happily did. I had read the reviews that their eggplant appetizer is good so we quickly ordered a portion of that. I must thank all the people who recommended that because it was absolutely divine. It is served with a potion of pita bread and we wiped out the plate in 2 mins and ordered another one. For main course, I ordered ottoman casserole which is lamb with veggies. Their presentation is interesting as food comes on the griddle (called Tawa in India) on which it is prepared. It is piping hot and very flavorful. We were a party of six and all of us ordered something different, everything was very good. Casseroles are definitely recommended. They also have good choices for vegetarians. The prices are a tad bit higher for this place but considering that San juan is overall expensive in terms of food, it was ok. For a couple you can expect to pay $50-60 with couple of beers. But food was worth the money. Also it is very conveniently located on the main street of Old san Juan, so you cannot miss it. Highly recommended.


“If you want something different, this is the place”

We went here on our last night in Old San Juan, looking for something other than local cuisine. Its a tiny place with a tiny kitchen, but they manage to put out really good, tasty food in a short amount of time. We did not make a reservation, so arrived around 700pm and got the last remaining table. Ordered the eggplant app. with pita bread and it was excellent, as was the beer. They do offer other drinks, but I saw where they keep the wine and I would stick with beer or tea. Anyway, I had the chicken shish kebab and my husband had the ottoman casserole with chicken. Both were very good, served with yogurt sauce and harissa on the side. YUM.


“Authentic turkish food”

Excellent turkish food in a no frills cafe style. We both spend considerable periods of time in turkey so feel experienced enough to comment/ compare
Basic menu with reasonable prices and we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch (mezes and cheese salad). Reminded us of how all turkish restaurants, in Turkey used to be 20 years ago !! Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!